Italiana Pearl Knee-High Socks
Italiana Pearl Knee-High Socks

Italiana Pearl Knee-High Socks

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Pearl High-Knee Socks

The details in the pattern expand the usage area of the socks and make them look even more elegant.
Its polyamide-reinforced tissue prevents tears and abrasions while bringing out the posture of the leg.
Combinations suitable for every outfit can be made. While it adds richness to plain and colorful clothes, it brings aesthetics with it.
May every step you take be safe. Enjoy the pleasure of walking on a stylish and elegant pattern. Let the elegance of mother-of-pearl embroidered on black come to life on your legs.

Made in Turkey. High quality Turkish textile.

• Polyamide-Reinforced Tissue
• Elegant Pattern
• %93 Polyamide - %7 Elastane
• 40 Denier
• Silky Smooth, Durable and Remarkably Comfortable
• Recommended care instructions: Hand Wash inside out, No Bleaching, No ironing, No dry cleaning, No tumble.